The stars get their hands dirty. The new season of Best Pastry Chef “celebrity special” begins this Thursday, January 11, 2024 on Gulli. For this unique edition, Mercotte and Norbert Tarayre will judge the culinary talents of 18 amateur pastry chefs well known to viewers.

Over several evenings, these candidates compete in groups of three and must perform well to impress the culinary blogger and the host revealed in Top Chef. The mission for our culinary tandem: “welcome, advise and guide the celebrities throughout the show in a good mood and provide insight on certain recipes to the whole family in front of their station,” announces the family channel in its press release.

Questioned by Télé 7 Jours, chef Norbert Tarayre spoke about the level of these candidates who agreed to take on this pastry challenge. “Some act modest, but manage well. Others defuse the situation with humor when they make a big mistake,” he recalled, adding. “The celebrities are extremely stressed, because when the cameras are taken away and Mercotte leaves, they are not well at all! They blame the blow and do not take responsibility.”

However, some candidates have marked the former participant of Traitors on M6. Like a former Miss France or this actor who appeared in Le Morning Night with Michael Youn. “The first time I met him, he lost his temper, he couldn’t poach and it made him spin!” confides the culinary judge who worked with him on a previous shoot. “Having worked with him in Les Traitors, he’s a great competitor.”

In the casting of this new season, viewers will follow the journey of stars of the small screen such as actress Isabelle Vitari and several beauty queens, Amandine Petit and Vaimalama Chaves. Who will excel in the field of pastry over the course of the episodes? Here is the cast in pictures in the slideshow.