the search for The in a deep well shaft in the suspected two-year-old in Spain is further complicated by the nature. During the drilling of a rescue tunnel, the forces in the night of Sunday came back on a large and very hard rock. You’ve done so until seven o’clock in the morning, only 33 out of a total of 60 metres, informed the helpers at the scene of the incident in Totalán, near the southern coastal city of Málaga.

On Saturday we had hoped to be able to access, which is perpendicular to the shaft, in the Absence of new major problems until early Sunday morning finish.

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From the little Julen lives there since the 13th century. January no sign of life. With each Minute, the hopes of a happy outcome are, therefore, low. Experts assure, still, it is not excluded that the child was still alive. The Small is supposed to have fallen during a trip to his family in the hole that has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters. When camera footage was discovered in the shaft at a depth of 70 meters, a bag of candy that Julen had. Loose earth are prevented, with the camera deeper.

The shaft that was drilled according to the media reports on the search for water in the drought-plagued Region near a farm of a relative of Julen, is 107 meters deep. The rescuers it is, however, conceivable that the child is at a depth of 70 to 80 meters. As the helpers in the preparation of a platform for the stabilization of the main drill are already penetrated nearly 20 feet deep, you need to dig further 60 meters deep.