Members of Southwest Florida’s Make-A-Wish Foundation ceased in Cape Coral on Sunday to Provide a little boy a huge surprise.

In 2019, five-year-old Nathan Lopez was diagnosed with a kind of cancer known as Ependymoma, based on Fox 4.

“He was whining about having a good deal of headaches,” said his mother, Yaimeris Muzuarrieta. “He woke up crying, painfully crying, so I simply hurried to the emergency room with him.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, Ependymoma can appear at any age, but most frequently occurs in children.

Following his analysis, Nathan was flown to a children’s hospital in St. Pete and underwent surgery to remove the tumor. He was later transported to Orlando’s Ronald McDonald House at which he received radiation treatment.

“Me and him, we went to Orlando for like a month and a half for his radiation and that he finished his last treatment on March 6 2019,” his mother recalled.

Nathan is now enjoying remission and to help celebrate, the Make-A-Wish Foundation called upon the Cape Coral police and fire departments to give him a surprise he would never forget.

Video shows the very first responders driving down his road with their lights and sirens blaring. The tiny boy received lots of gifts from well-wishers which included a shopping spree, toy cars, and video games.

Nathan also must check out the fire truck’s equipment and sit within a police car.

“He seems like a shy kid, but you only know deep down when he’s opening up all those presents and that he sees the fire and the authorities here and all this commotion that’s happening you just know that we’re changing his lifetime,” explained Richard Kelly of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Nathan’s family was really glad to see him grinning again.

“You see life using a significant difference now that you go through all these things. You continue praying that kids don’t need to experience the exact same stuff my kid did,” his mom said.