In the Explosion of a ticket vending machine in the hall is a 19-year-old man lost his life. The police believe that he was together with other men for the blast on Saturday evening responsible. Two Suspects were arrested in the night, the police announced on Sunday. In the past few weeks, several vending machines were blown up in the city.

Initial investigations showed that the perpetrators had launched a gas mixture in the vending machines at S-Bahn station Halle-Neustadt and Explosion. The Detonation was so violent that the door of the device was hurled towards the platform, it said.

A train driver noticed the lifeless young man lying bleeding next to the destroyed ticket machines, and chose the emergency. The rescuers brought the injured victims to the hospital. There, the 19 died-Year-old a little later.

the line was five hours locked

experts from the police, they searched at the station up in the night to the tracks. A helicopter of the Federal police circled in the air. Trains no longer rolled on Saturday afternoon, the track remained for about five hours locked. On Sunday, the traffic was running back on schedule, said a railway spokesperson.

The police arrested in the night, two 15-and 20-year-old men. It was to be assumed that they were together with the slain 19-Year-old at the blowing up of the machines involved, it said. The investigators also found the cash box from the vending machine, which had captured the perpetrators. How much money was contained therein, could not say to a police spokesman. Also, the amount of the damage was initially unclear.

Criminals blow up again and again, ticket machines, in order to get the money. According to information of the German railway were broken up in the past year, approximately 250 machines, much less than 2016. How many cases have been counted this year, could not say a railway spokesperson on Sunday.

in Most cases, the explosives in the case of damage to property. Pro quickly more than 10,000 euros in damages. An incident with a fatal outcome there was in the spring of 2017 in Dortmund. A 31-Year-old was killed when he tried to blow open a ticket machine. He suffered severe facial injuries and died on the platform.

In the hall, there was a whole series of blown-up vending machine. In October alone, the police counted so far, seven more cases – six tickets and an ATM. An investigation group has been set up. You should check if it is the same offender. “This is not ruled out,” said the police spokesman on Sunday.