In a new verrechtvaardiging of its decision to allow American troops out of the north, Syria’s president, Donald Trump said Monday that, for his part, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Kurds can protect them.

“After the defeat of the one hundred per cent of the caliphate of ISIS, I have been in a large degree, of our troops out of Syria they came from. I was told by my general, why should we be fighting for Syria and Assad, the country of our enemy the upper hand.”, according to the Us president.

“any Person who, to Syria to help in the protection of the Kurds, it is good for me, whether it be Russia, China and Napoleon, so I hope they are all doing great, and we’re over 7,000 miles away!”

He put one in parallel with its domestic policy. “Some of them want the United States to 7000 miles and miles beyond the border of Syria, led by Bashar al-Assad, our enemy, is going to protect you. At the same time, Syria to the northwest, and who they choose to help them, would, of course, the Kurds protect them. I would much rather focus on our Southern border, ( … ), which is part of the United States of America,” said Trump, who once said that ‘the wall’ is sure to come.