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A journey from italy to England for a truck driver, Mr Rohrbach in a very strange turn of events. Then he stopped, near Brussels, and, he saw, to his surprise, that there are two transmigranten in his vehicle were located. A friend of the man in the film is how the duo out of the truck, climbed down, and then, the peloton chose to use.

in The video, it was on Thursday recorded in the vicinity of the capital. Rohrbach was heard during the ride and a bit of noise in his truck, which he did decide to take its load of clothing from an up-close inspection. “We were very surprised to see them,” he said with Air Ciaramella, a friend of the driver. “He believes that the migrants are believed to be in the truck, climbed in, during his lunch break.” The two men were finally in the direction of a nearby forest.

will There be more pictures of transmigranten out of a truck to escape. So, earlier this year, seven migrants have been filmed out of a truck and jumps along the Ring road. “They probably thought that it was the vehicle in the direction of England, and reed,” was the when the company.

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