Trial to the bourgeois morality


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To premiere his new collection, “Series”, that will give shelter to what they call the books “termite” –novels, short stories or essays that can be read in one sitting– in Peripheral have opted for Friedrich Dürrenmatt (Konolfingen, 1921; Neuchâtel, 1990). Novelist, playwright, intellectual, also a painter, is Dürrenmatt writer, most important of Switzerland’s contemporary, and an author prominent in the second half of the last century.

through the crime novel, has found its way into the world of letters and his works of theater, in the 50s, he met success. His works are represented all over the world and began to receive its first recognition. It was at this time, before his consecration, when pergeñó The damage (Peripheral, 2020), a nouvelle that in just a hundred pages you get the more complicated literature, and perhaps most fascinating: sculpt a new reality.

With an approach that is kafkaesque, but with a development more typical of the detective story – Kafka there is only one–, Dürrenmatt located to a traveling textile, married and with four children, lost in the middle of a village after they break down your new sports. Instead of approaching the nearest train station and go home, prefers to stay there with the hope of spending the night with a woman. The target crosses at Alfredo Traps with an old man who gives you a roof for free.

The host will be a former lawyer, who invites him to spend the evening at home with three friends. Traps don’t know that they are all men of law who would like to represent trials and that you will be offered to participate in that night as a defendant. Traps, fun, accessible, but not long in discovering the evil of that game. His lawyer warns him that it is better not to present itself as innocent, as always just found a crime: “will Be forced to not be able to choose the crime, but that it be imposed”.

What presents itself as an apparent disquisition legal, Dürrenmatt makes it a trial to the bourgeois morality, the mode of western life, that premium the emptiness of success at any price. The breakdown is also a reflection on individual responsibility and the ways of self-awareness. Your littleness deceives you, it is an exceptional book.

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