Workers in the U.s. state of Ohio and the thought of a miserable death, to see after a car accident, and got the shock of their lives when the lijkbleke heavy and bloody, the victim is suddenly up out of her car, stepped out.

The 20-year-old Sidney Wolfe drove on Monday to the house after being in a haunted house in honor of Halloween, the promotion was created for a stage play. What is a play? An adaptation of the horror film ‘Carrie’, in which Wolfe plays the main character: a bullied young girl with telekinetic powers in the climax of the film is drenched in blood. Wolfe was in a torn dress, and was covered with fake blood.

After Wolfe and her car and a deer had been hit by a car, stopped for a good samaritan to help the girl. “He was totally shocked,” said Wolfe. “And the police officers who are first on the spot, could not believe their eyes. They kept asking me if I don’t get medical help was needed. And after that I got a lot of new agents, and that they could not believe the fellow’s blood, but ignored.

in Spite of her appearance, came to Wolfe is that a bruise on her leg.

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