in some countries, for the first time a female prime minister in the Sophie Wilmès (MR). The current minister of the Budget from government has all the necessary greetings have been posted (and supported).

SEE ALSO. Sophie Wilmès (MR) is followed by Charles-Michel, and the first female prime minister of Belgium,

Charles Michel, as did his protégé and successor, on. “Congratulations on one of the first women to become the future prime minister in current affairs,” he wrote on Twitter.

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“We have decided on a solution that will help this government in cases pending with the slightest of shifts entails for the prime minister to be replaced,” said CD&V)-deputy prime minister Koen Geens business. It was, “Mrs. Wilmès is a strong politician, and we all wish her success in her new role as the prime minister’s office. They can count on us”, says another.

“the Need of a fully fledged government,”

you can Also Open Vld deputy prime minister Alexander De Croo has Sophie Wilmès congratulations to the prime minister. “Congratulations, ” Sophie Wilmès. The first female prime minister of this country, it is in the pending cases. Now, on to business continuity and to ensure, hopefully, as soon as possible”, tweette De Croo, who is once again on the insistence that the country “is in need of a full-fledged government”.

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In a brief tweet would also like to congratulate the minister for Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders, are partijgenoot with her new job.

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the Minister of Agriculture, Denis Ducarme, a partijgenoot of Wilmès, would like to congratulate “the liberal French-speaking reformer,” with her historic premiership.

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“All of the support, ” Sophie”

Maggie De Block, belgian minister of public Health, and Asylum and Migration, and to realize that Wilmès is not an easy task to look forward to. And instead of a congratulation, and let the Open VLD politicians know that they are sympathetic to the plight of the new prime minister. “With all the support for Sophie during this tough challenge.”

As a bonus, leave The Block, in another tweet, inspired by Winston Churchill: “In times of war, we need women to do the work, Churchill”, citing the former prime minister of the United Kingdom.

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More about Sophie Wilmès Who is Sophie Wilmès, MR politician, who writes history as the first female prime minister of this country? Sophie Wilmès (MR) is followed by Charles-Michel, and the first female prime minister of Belgium, “the Government has all the known expenditure and income to be included in the prospects Wilmès: “No taboos about a balanced budget in 2018