The latest Figures on short-time work – So many farms receive State help system on the topic of the cantonal office for economic Affairs has approved around 30’000 company short-time work. Ten times more workers are affected. Ev Manz0 comments concerning the rhyme of hospitality, especially many of the short-time work compensations have been paid. Photo: TA

It is a huge flood, which has to cope with the office for economy and labour of the Canton of Zurich (AWA) at the moment. A flood of pre-registrations for short-time work. Up to 11. June has approved 32’333 Zurich Establishments buffeted by the Corona-crisis, this. The number of affected workers is ten times higher, such as the AWA on request says. 372’430 persons currently have short-time working. This corresponds to 30 percent of all working people.

The number is known since the extraordinary will be increased in the ordinary course of situation on an ongoing basis. At the end of March 191 000 persons were in short supply of short-time work affected.

7 out of 10 Establishments have filed for the months of March and April, the accounts for short-time work compensation and the corresponding payouts. Some companies also claim no payments, because they have temporarily found other entrepreneurial solutions. The Numbers may also increase because the payroll applications can be submitted up to three months after the affected month.

In the Canton of Zurich were paid out in March and 160 in April to 400 million francs in compensation. Also, these Figures may yet rise, as more requests arrive.

hospitality and other service providers affected

Almost all sectors of the economy have claimed workers ‘ compensation. The affected employees as a reference number, so the guest has recorded a commercial for the largest share. This will be followed by professional workers, including lawyers, Doctors, or independent music fall – as well as those who offer scientific, technical, or economic services. Strong workers are involved in the transport and the transport sector.

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