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Karl Logan , guitarist Manowar since 1994, faces a sentence of at least 25 years in prison after admitting in federal court in Charlotte, North Carolina (united States) that you downloaded and saved child pornography , as reported by the specialized medium HellPress, which in turn quotes The Charlotte Observer as a source.

Logan was arrested on August 9, 2018 after being accused of six counts of exploitation of minors in the third degree and possession of child pornography material. After entering in the local jail, paid a bail of $ 35,000, but returned to enter prison on may 28, 2019.

The guitarist had downloaded from the internet various images that showed girls between the ages of four and twelve years, being forced sexually assaulted by unidentified men. Your lawyer ensures that he has been “extremely co-worker with the investigation from the beginning, and will continue to be so,” and he has defended by saying that “often, one sees with those who end up pleading that there is a direct correlation to something that happened in their childhood”.

Photo of the arrest of guitarist – ABC

After knowing the reasons for his arrest, was fired from fulminant form by his companions , who released the following statement: “With respect to the arrest of Karl Logan and the charges against him: Due to the fact that Karl and his lawyers are dealing with this problem, he will not act with Manowar. The new album and the upcoming tour will not be affected”.

Logan had been formed part of Manowar for 26 years, and participated in the recording of studio albums “Louder Than Hell” (1996), “Warriors Of The World” (2002), “Gods Of War” (2007) and “The Lord Of Steel” (2012), in the direct, “Hell on Wheels Live” (1997) and “Hell on Stage live” (1999) and in the re-recordings of the classic “Battle Hymns MMXI” (2010) “Kings of Metal MMXIV” (2014).

Manowar, with Logan on the left – ABC

The band will return to Spain, without Logan of course, as head of cartel de Rock Fest Barcelona in July 2021 . This will be the only concert of the band in Spain next year, which will be celebrating its 40th anniversary with the Spanish fans with the greatest production that have brought ever, decorated with epic, breathtaking visuals, extras, vikings, and a set list full of hits. “We can’t wait to go back to Spain” has told about the visit of its leader, Joey DeMaio. “Our Spanish fans always fought for Manowar and the real metal. Have never failed us, and we never fail to big fans in Spain,” he continues. For this concert there will be a limited number of “Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrades” a personalized experience with the band.

similar Cases in the world of rock

The rock scene has already been hit by terrible news like this before. The british musician Pete Townshend received in 2003 a police warning and was included in the official register of paedophiles for a period of five years for having downloaded from the Internet pages of child pornography. The guitarist and songwriter of The Who, by then 57 years old, was arrested after the police detected through a transaction with a credit card. Townshend admitted to having visited pages of child pornography on the Internet, but he said that he did so in order to get information for a campaign against child abuse that I was planning to make, after her own experience of sexual abuse during their childhood.

Jimmy Page , the guitarist of Led Zeppelin was accused of abuse by the groupie Lori Maddox said that their relationship began when, with just 14 years, was “virtually kidnapped” by the guitarist. After that, Maddox had sexual relationship with Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop, among other rock-stars, and he accused David Bowie of being taken advantage of her youth to take away the virginity.

The british singer Rolf Harris he was accused of sexual assault and other abuses of minor girls, for which he was sentenced to five years in prison. His compatriot Gary Glitter is currently serving a sentence of 16 years for abusing three minors.

Roy Estrada , who was bassist with Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, and a founding member of Little Feat, he received two sentences of 6 and 25 years in prison for two separate abuses of a minor in 1994 and 2012. Another case of what is more sordid is the of John Phillips , singer of The Mamas and The Papas, which remained for years an incestuous relationship with his daughter, Mackenzie. Despite everything, she defended her father as “a good man” and in an interview with NBC said that it was “a very permissive and a world very rocanrolero in which virtually everything is accepted,” and that her father “did the best they could”.

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