The girl without fear in front of the Wall Street bull to the small saved from a goring in New York


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the statue Of the little girl who is challenged by famous bull of Wall Street the little girl saved by a rider of a butt on the streets of New York. The broncínea “Girl without fear” , mounted a surprise on the 7th of march, 2017, on the eve of the Day of the Woman, was moved after the Bag in new york. The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio , said that the relocation was due to the problems he was creating since his installation in Wall Street by the number of curious onlookers and tourists who came there for close view of a similar duel of statues . “It is becoming a threat to traffic and safety”, he claimed in a press release issued by the city Council in April of 2018 and collected by Efe.

“We are proud to be the city of the ‘Girl without Fear,” noted the mayor. It is “a powerful symbol on the need for change at the highest levels of corporate America,” he explained.

“The girl without fear”, in front of the Wall Street bull – Afp

In one of the streets of the american city occurred more than a century ago a “remarkable event”, as it was titled in “The Lydia” the comment to the picture of Daniel Perea. With date of July 15, 1889, and was the unusual fact in the historical publication:

“At the appropriate time, took the foreign press, and a good part of the of Spain, of the event represented in our drawing today.

By the main street of one of the outskirts of the crowded american city , crossing some cattle with a shepherd or guardian, when frightened one of them by the noise of the vehicles, or harassed by some mean-spirited, embarked on a vertiginous career in the opposite direction as the remaining, on the occasion that a daughter a few years he would entertain himself with his toys in the center of the pathway. The outrage at least, the death perhaps, it would have been inevitable for the innocent creature, without the providential intervention of a fearless rider, that apercibida of the danger he ran to the scope of the res, and cut off the trip by means of a handkerchief neatly by shed between the horns and securing with a stunning agility with a hand to the pequeñuela, while the other was holding back the impetuous steed, between the admiration and applause of neighbors and bystanders.

This interesting episode has given issue to Daniel Perea to one of your notes artistic, with whose composition has shown that if there is no one who will even play the hard and risky lots of bullfighting, also knows how to interpret with success passages of dramatic structure, and scenes of great delicacy and feeling.”