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farmers in the Comunitat Valenciana have gone out this morning to the streets in Valencia to claim the Consell aid to a lack of revenue, for the cancellation of bullfighting by the Covid-19, which has forced already to the slaughter of “more than 3,000 head of cattle”, for “not being able to keep them”.

In a call of the Cattlemen’s Association Bous al Carrer of the Region that have joined the Valencian Association of Growers (AVA-ASAJA) and The Unió de llauradors, around a hundred of cattle has been concentrated in the plaza of the Virgin of Valencia, where they have displayed banners, and repeating slogans with their demands.

As explained by the president of the association of livestock, Daniel Machancoses, the farmers are living, “about months catastrophic ” with the cancellation of celebrations and they are afraid that what awaits them might still be “worse”.

Machancoses has stated that livestock farms are “doomed to sacrificing their animals”, which in other circumstances would have a life of 15 to 20 years, by the lack of regular income and support of the Consell de mallorca.

“we Understand that you can not work for the public health emergency but, if the animal has a cost of production, the Administration should provide aid”, has been considered, and has stressed that the Region has 130 farms in which they live “about 600 families”.

Those attending the protest have denounced the “discrimination” of the regional Government towards this group livestock in the allocation of aid in the agricultural sector “by sectarianism, ideological and fundamentalism animalistic”, which contrasts with the support of the Diputación de Valencia, which “will grant financial aid per animal”.

In a joint statement, AVA-ASAJA and The Unió de llauradors have warned that, after the holiday season popular bullfighting lost, the situation in which many families find themselves farming of beef is “very worrisome”, with “so many debts and some ruined”.

So, among others, have requested that the valencian Government “a regime of aid in accordance to the severity of the current situation and to forecast future existing”, provide guarantees and credits to a regime of 0% interest and with a lack of three years and a figure of protection for these animals from cattle that bravo, a native breed of valencia.

Also claiming support from the Council in order to coordinate the different Ministries and to facilitate, to the extent possible, the performance of festivities, “with all the necessary protocols to ensure the welfare of animals and the health of the people who participate in them.”

“we also Ask for a consensus between our political parties and not to use the beef producers bravo, and the popular festivities as a political weapon”, have been added.

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