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The Eiffel Tower, one of the emblematic monuments of Paris, reopened only very partially, this Thursday, after a closure 104 days , with a successful public alarmingly low, input.

The Mayor of Paris and the operating company of the Tower has mounted an advertising service special, with a lot of photography and “music animations”, trying to seduce a few tourists are still reluctant to discover the charms of the Tower, no elevators, on foot, from the first two floors of the building, after more than seven hundred steps, with a mask and a temperature of over 30 degrees, between sun and shadow.

During the last decade, the Eiffel Tower has been visited annually by 6 or 7 million of tourists , about 19,000 per day, with queues of several hundreds of meters, waiting to contemplate an exceptional view.

at around ten in the morning of Thursday, an “orchestra” able with drums afro brazilians tried to “give up” and cheers to half a hundred very short of tourists expected with generous smiles by the numerous staff of the Tower. The doors opened at the pace of a “batucada” (rhythm brazilian with african influences), performed with much verve a physicist by the “orchestra” contracted to offer a free show.

Between the half a hundred short of game tourists there were several muslim families, with ladies wearing luxurious islamic headscarves, not always to the tone of the masks, and masks of essential rigour of health.


The Eiffel Tower has been losing about ten million euros per month, during the pandemic . After the “batucada” of the reopening, the operators have planned new “initiatives”, not less colorful, in order to win back the customers lost.

it Will be needed a lot of imagination to return to the Tower the appeal prior to the pandemic. Of time, is open only a part, and do not work lifts : the climb of a hundred steps, it can have a very deterrent for many tourists, either sensitive or insensitive to the “batucadas”.

sanitary of rigor are very strict. Interested parties must raise and lower to foot, with mask, respecting between a meter and a half and two meters of distance.

there is Only access to the first floors of the Tower. The reopening has had another point, “red”: Paris suffers this Thursday and will suffer the next few days a heat wave of some importance, with temperatures of 30 to 35 degrees celsius.