On Tuesday, november 5, in the Casino of Ostend, in the 17th Gala of the Flandrien and is organised. The Flandrien Trophy, given to the most flandrienachtige rider of the year, and is the successor of Yves Lampaert, de Flandrien in 2018.

SEE ALSO. The nominees Flandrien 2019 is well-known: after the penalty cycling year is not the place for the youngest of the laureates, Yves Lampaert, and Greg Van Avermaet

Definition of ” flandrien: a rider who races hard and makes it constantly have to choose to attack and keep driving until he is overtired of the line is reached.

in fact, Greg Van Avermaet of the time, so it wasn’t, but he was left with six trophies, after all, the record holder of this prestigious award, which since 2003 will be presented. Since 2008, the price is inclusive of Belgian riders and the International Flandrien Trophy has been created.

In 2003, Paolo Bettini.

As Of 2004, Tom Boonen Said.

In 2005, Tom Boonen Said.

In 2006, Paolo Bettini.

In 2007 The Us).

In 2008, Greg’s Role On The Team.

In 2009, When I Had.

As Of 2010, I Had.

As Of 2011: I Had.

As Of 2012, Tom Boonen Said.

As Of 2013: Greg Van Avermaet.

As Of 2014: Greg Van Avermaet.

As Of 2015: Greg Van Avermaet.

As For 2016: He Be Of The Team.

As Of 2017: Greg Van Avermaet.

By 2018: Yves Lampaert.

Now, 20 And 19: ?
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