just before the crucial parliamentary vote on the withdrawal agreement with the EU, the UK government continues to prepare for the risk of a hard Brexit. On Monday, rehearsed around the port of Dover, dozens of trucks the case of a re-introduction of border controls, such as the Ministry of transport announced in London. According to the BBC, the Parliament on July 15. January to vote on the highly controversial Brexit Deal. The car manufacturer Aston Martin puts its emergency plan for a disorderly Brexit sharp.

in Order to examine how, despite the introduction of border controls in the case of a hard Brexit avoid traffic jams, left the Ministry of transport 89 trucks on the disused airport of Manston, nearly 32 kilometers from the port of Dover. The terrain could be used to prevent, in the case of a disorderly EU exit Britain’s traffic congestion close to Dover, it was said.

The convoy drove on a trial basis to the port of Dover and returned afterwards for another Exercise back to the disused airport site. The goal of the test travel it to ensure that it “will give the outlet an effective Plan in the event of disruptions to the EU,” said the Ministry of transport.

the British car maker Aston Martin is preparing for a disorderly Brexit. “We must prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario,” said Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, the Reuters news Agency. The organization is nothing else left to put in the October Plan, unveiled in December, entry into force.

so Far, engines or transmissions, the procured Aston Martin in Europe, via the port of Dover to the Land. Aston Martin agreed with the transport company DHL that the trucks in this case other ports to be controlled. Also the more expensive way via air freight was organised. To be able to his luxury cars, without interruption, in Europe, to sell, Aston Martin has built up in the past year, a warehouse in Germany. “Depending on what happens in the next few weeks, can be increased or not,” said Palmer.

repeated postponement of the vote?

The Brexit is on 29. March completed. Against the Brussels negotiated exit agreement, there is in the British Parliament wide resistance. Because their was a certain defeat, had the Prime Minister Theresa May, originally scheduled for 11. December planned vote on the Brexit-the agreement only postponed the day before. On Wednesday, the takes house its deliberations about it again.