Talk master with the surprise success of Frank Elstner is 78 years for Netflix StarEin 78-year-old presenter with his own Netflix Show? Yes, that fits. Five reasons why you need to have seen the farewell show “bets, that’s it..?” the German TV legend Frank Elstner.Hans Jürg Zinsli0 comment Frank Elstner says “bet that’s it..?” from the TV.Photo: Henning Kaiser (Reuters)

he, of all people, the calm nice uncle, the überbescheidene All the experts, has managed with his self-produced Show “bets, that’s it..?” to Netflix. No Harald Schmidt so, no Anne, no Jan böhmermann, no, it’s the distinguished, now 78-year – old Frank Elstner on the movie and TV series portal, with five Prominent talkt – and in a way that you can’t make it likeable. is The Show shows the five high-quality standing of this Entertainer was a Prime example:

openness elstner in conversation with singer Lena Meyer-Landrut.Photo: Netflix

It has passed not a Minute, because roll at the former ESC-winner Lena Meyer-Landrut (“Satellite”), the tears. Why? Because Elstner apologizes First for her. He was then, as he had been before the ESC 2011 interviewed, the lack of well-prepared. That interview, in which Meyer-Landrut Elstner corrected continuously, the reputation as a super bitch. Elstner does the first step and takes the blame. This speaks for the Size of the host.

intimacy Hollywood actor Daniel Brühl, telling professional anecdotes.Photo: Netflix

You might think that Elstner has been working for: As an inventor and presenter of “Wetten, dass..?” (1981-87) he held a mass audience, in “people of the week” (2000-2015) he gave his guests in a convivial Studio round stage. Now, in “bets, that’s it..?”, chairs are still there, but the audience there is none, only Elstner and his guest at the long table – not Corona-related, but as a concept: In the intimate setting also celebrities are looser. For example, Daniel Brühl, tells how he was urged to the movie “Rush” (where he plays Niki Lauda) of an Argentine taxi driver to his car through the traffic chaos in Buenos to control Aires.

interest is also a writer and Podcasterin Charlotte Roche is in Elstners talk to a guest.Photo: Netflix

A presenter Thomas Gottschalk took guests to make themselves bigger. A Moderator, such as Elstner invites people to talk to on eye level with them. This is not a routine Abfragerei, but a ping-pong, which is also the Moderator with his views does not hold behind the mountain. To Charlotte Roche Elstner, that he had kicked her novel “wetlands” after 80 pages in the trash. But, o wonder, it can’t be the man angry, because he immediately conjures up a counter-argument out of the hat, why the book is important.

The Trailer for the Elstner Show.Source: Netflix empathy

Whether it be for the career, if you deal with his Team, polite, wants to Klaas Heufer-Umlauf know. Elstner does not hesitate for a second: “of Course, this is like in school. If the teacher is stupid, not learning the students happy.” Otherwise, Elstner, of the speaks because of his Parkinson’s disease slower than before and his hands slightly trembling, very quick to react: As Charlotte Roche tells you to touch in four years, no more alcohol, puts on the red wine glasses and offers her bottled water.

nahbarkeit conversations on eye-level: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko winterscheidt at Elstners interview panel. Photo: Netflix

A how Elstner much to tell, but he does so only when it suits. As Klaas Heufer-mean circulation, “You have the Talent to act very serious, but I can’t imagine that you were always serious,” replies the Moderator. “You are now 37, and 40 makes the first big stupidity.” He bought at that time, a heavy motorcycle and was driving with a couple of rockers to Spain to his home, whereupon his son out of the window and said mom, he is by turns have looked:”.”

Frank Elstner “bets, that’s it..?” is on Netflix

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