Inflation is trying for you? If you benefit from a supplementary pension, you may be affected by the decision of a certain organization… It took a lot of debate to get there. The complementary pensions of Agirc-Arrco should finally be revalued up to 5.1% from November 1, 2022, although the CGT claimed 6.2%, indicates Capital.

This is a little less than the latest inflation forecasts at 5.3% that the government had estimated in its finance bill, but more than the estimates for 2023, bringing it to 4.2%. In 2021 , for comparison, the increase in complementary was only 1%. This will complete this year the 4% increase in the basic pension put in place at the beginning of September and retroactive since July.

The reason retirement pensions are greatly increased is simply… Inflation.

Indeed, this scenario of bidding is not surprising. This economic phenomenon that is inflation has increased the cost of living for a year, and complementary must follow.

To understand the situation, it is necessary to take an interest in the operation of the application of the rate. The figure announced corresponds to the revaluation rule set in the interprofessional agreement of 2019. However, this increase is determined “according to the average annual salary of nationals of the scheme, in the event that inflation is higher than the average salary. Which is the case now.” indicates the Capital media.

In this sense, the calculation is quickly doable…

In the private sector, the evolution of the salary is up to 4.8%. Add to that 0.1% “catch up” from the previous year plus an exceptional body boost of 0.2% and the resulting rate is 5.1%.

An increase which was heavily debated between the employers and the unions before reaching this result, indicates Le Monde. Agirc-Arrco is walking on hot coals… It is absolutely necessary to keep the financial system and the obligation to keep 6 months of benefits in reserve over 15 years, it is “the golden rule” to be avoided. never question… recalls BFMTV.

Even if this does not seem to be a substantial sum, the reality shows that 13 million people are affected by this revaluation. The total amount of pensions currently amounts to approximately 84 billion euros per year. The increase is therefore not trivial, expenditure for the year will jump by 4.2 billion in this direction, reports BFMTV.

In addition, before being definitively adopted, the board of directors must validate this rate of 5.1% on October 6. “Which must be a formality”, reassures a trade unionist…