The former Handball Star Stefan Kretzschmar has unleashed with his Comments about the lack of freedom of expression in Germany, a debate about the Sport. The 45-year-old former national player now gets calculated from that political corner encouragement to him as a former left party-goers and temporary squatters “could not be further from,” he says. May or professional athlete to say anything more? Michael Ilgner as a sports-help-in-chief disagrees: “athletes don’t have to move the head only to the medals. You should also be in accordance with the Sport still able to play a good role in society.“

Social networks such as Twitter have the advantages and the disadvantage of the shortening and intensification of opinions, said Ilgner on Monday the German press Agency. “That’s why you have to think about what topic and what the discussion should be in which media push.” He stressed, however, that to encourage the responsible athletes.

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The vertebral Kretzschmar was triggered by an Interview with last week. “What athlete manifests itself today politically? Unless there is the political Mainstream opinion, where you said: “We are colorful” and “Refugees welcome”. Where you can have a society actually do anything wrong.“ A corporate or critical of the government do not feel that we should have in this country, so Kretzschmar: “you will be accused of immediately.”

the following about the AfD Heidelberg had spread his Remarks via Twitter. On Monday, AfD-member of the German Bundestag Jens Kestner said in a press release: “Mr Kretzschmar earned my respect, because he denounces publicly that freedom of expression in Germany is circumcised! (…) The freedom of opinion in Germany exists only on paper; the reality says, unfortunately, something else.“

Kretzschmar had felt previously misunderstood. “If you know my biography, is the instrumentalisation of my Interviews of political groupings, which could not lie of my own political stance, moreover, is already grotesque. But if any athlete or a Person of public life has not yet needed a proof for my Thesis. So he has to get them,” said the 218-time national player of the “image”.

Kretzschmar sees his statements out of context. “Understanding: I was asked in an Interview, the question: ‘Why are there no types, no personalities with corners and edges?’ Then I answered that I can not understand any human who stands in the Public, when it manifests itself today in a critical and, consequently, no longer offend.“ People who are in economic dependencies (employment and sponsorship contracts), have a limited freedom of expression.