Snow removal: In the Winter, the owners are in the obligation to


    A storm in the North, in the South Duration of the snowfall – in these days of Winter Germany has firmly in his grip. But who needs to grab the snow shovel and road salt? And who pays for the costs or even damages if someone falls on snowy sidewalks? In principle, owners and landlords have to ensure that you have the obligation to ensure traffic safety is the responsibility. This can also apply to the public sidewalks in front of the house, namely, if as in many cities, the municipality has transferred to the snow removal obligation by Statute to the local residents of the street. To disputes around the litter duty, and falls already issued numerous judgments.

    Marcus Young

    editor in the economy.

    F. A. Z.

    municipality, owner or tenant – who is responsible for the winter service must comply with his duty or has to pay for the possible damage. As for the rooms, and Sprinkle the landlord can puncture his tenants. However, the duty must be mentioned in the rental agreement. According to the courts, a mere reference to the winter service should not be sufficient in a in the hallway of the house rules posted. Thus, the Transfer is effective, house rules and rental agreement are jointly transferred.