The Croatian Playboymodel, Ava Karabatic (31) will by 2020 be a throw in for the top job of the country of destination. The woman told the news that the president of Croatia, will be out this week with its 58.000 followers on Instagram and I added some of the priority areas to date. Like Karabatic, cannabis, and prostitution will be legalized, and the “healing properties” of sex is promoting it.

Ava Karabatic earned its spurs as the model, but it is a lot more to it than that. Now, the Croatian president, to her country, and the job of the head of state of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović to take over.

the legalization of prostitution as she wants to be, above all, more safety and security for sex workers,and she also thinks that sex is for her country to be able to help. “There is a lot of sexual frustration in Croatia,” says the woman. Also, cannabis can have a healing effect, says Karabatic.

Jack-of-all –

“Politics is my second love,” says the model in the video on Instagram, where they have the “perfect presidential candidate” to describe. ‘Trolls’ who would taunt them because they have a (nude)model has been given already to the wind from the front.

“I give Italian lessons and I am a professor in the Romance literatures”, says the blonde, jack of all trades”. “I was writing an autobiography, acting in a movie is two and a half year in the theater, and I recently also as a painter.”

“But, my artistic talent does not matter, says Karabatic. “My new regime, however. The Ava’s system.” Or are you that self-confidence is enough to make the topjob to win Grabar-Kitarović, often the most powerful woman in the world’ as they are called, we will pass in February of 2020, what’s going on.

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