in 1930, in Berlin’s Large Playhouse, today’s Friedrichstadt-Palast, premiered operetta “im weißen Rössl” by Ralph Benatzky and others, is not only one of the latest representatives of the genre, but with its countless Evergreens, which had become songs, also one of the most successful. Hits such as “What is the Sigismund’s fault that he is so beautiful?”, “In the Salzkammergut, as you can be good fun,” or “It must lived to be a Wonderful” outside of the already extremely forgettable plot.

Actually, the “White horse” is “hard to kill”, as Willy Praml said to welcome the premiere audience in the Naxos hall in Frankfurt. He was also optimistic about the upcoming talks on the necessary measures to enable the operation in the Naxos hall in compliance with the fire protection regulation in the future. Nobody wanted the end of the successful theater, all were of good will. And, in fact, this is the first theatre premiere in the new year, that you would not have a Theater like the Willy Praml invent if it already existed.

Delicious rewriting

the wonderful change of name of the former Austrian guest house at the Wolfgangsee in a by and by Oriental luxury, a delicious idea, which leads to ever new constellations, and most amusing Umdichtungen of the well-known songs is the hostel. “In the Arab Rössl” Hotel, and the singing game now, and where Kaiserschmarrn, and Wiener Schnitzel were served, the hotel’s dedicated force now, the not-quite-fresh Falafel on the number to bring a guest.

The Rösslwirtin Josepha Vogelhuber is called after the conversion, Laila Bint Aladin (Birgit Heuser), and instead of German business tycoons, wealthy Arabs, such as the oil tycoon Abdullah Al Opec (Muawia Harb) in addition to daughter Fatima (Judith bacon Maier) or the lawyer Ali Kadi (Ramo Ali) now in the “Rössl”, the beautiful Sigismund Sülzheimer of the “Alternative energy supply Essen in the Ruhr is”. Times have changed thoroughly, remained only the desperate love of the head waiter, Leopold (Jacob Gail) to his Boss Josepha, the not want to but listen to this name, and, in turn, only has eyes for the fiery Ali Kadi has.

Deep and dirty

the naming shows that Willy Praml has dug deep and unrestrained in the Jux-box, and many jokes of this Evening work so well, because you have to play with the clash of clichés. It starts with the crazy costumes, the Paula core has come up with. Leather pants with Oriental applications, as well as a Fez with chamois hair as a decoration and the most refined and elegant evening country-morning country-Crossover-Dirndl. Since the watch makes for that reason alone pleasure, and if the Arab Piccolo’s act even as the ecstatic dancing of dervishes, and a traditional Schuhplattler lie down, is the audience right from the cottage. And then, when the “High female” in Europe, Angela Merkel, visited the Hotel and all pay homage, the many allusions to the political present through sat evening to its climax.