New book on US President – Donald trump’s niece, wants the Silence to break the family of the US President kept so far their secrets. Now Mary Trump wants reports in a book about the “most dangerous man in the world”.Andreas Free3 Kommentare3Sie are not particularly close: Donald Trump and his niece Mary Trump. Photos: Keystone/Twitter

the Trump family Has brought forth the most dangerous man in the world? While most of the people have made their opinion of Donald Trump after nearly three and a half years in office, held back the closest Relatives of the US President with public statements, yet elegant. But that should change now, because now the title of a book became known, the Donald Trumps wants to publish niece Mary in a few weeks: “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” (“Too much is never enough: How my family the most dangerous man in the world created”).

the title of The book has thrown in the United States high waves, because the Trump family keeps actually. And so it is curious why the 55-year-old Mary Trump keeps the President for the most dangerous man in the world and you want to round to airing four months before the elections, well-kept family secrets. Requests from various U.S. media, to the publisher or the author until now have remained unanswered, including the White house, or trump’s brothers and sisters have so far given no further information.

white is The New York Times that Mary will announce in the book that it was the main source for the Research of the newspaper on the finances of Donald Trump and the Times had passed on confidential tax documents.

A Pilot as a disgrace to the family

To Mary Trump, the US President, however, had a strained relationship. She is the daughter of Fred Trump Junior, Donald’s older brother. This has been ostracised by his family, when he decided against a career in the Trump corporate Empire, and instead, the pilot training at Trans World Airlines TWA came, at that time, one of the largest airlines in the world. Donald Trump told his brother that he is turning to waste his time, and father Fred Senior scolded his oldest son who wanted to be anything else than a “Chauffeur in the sky”.

Fred Trump Junior (left) in 1966, when signing a contract.Photo: The New York Post via

Fred Junior died in 1981 at the age of 42 of heart failure, which was attributed to his alcohol disease. His early death was a tragedy, the Donald Trump moved according to its own statements, more than anything else in his life and him until today followed. Fred Junior did not want to bear the responsibility of the family Empire, and even the current US President knows that his brother was not cut out for this. “I regret that I put him under pressure,” said Donald Trump in an Interview with the “Washington Post”. “It just wasn’t his thing. I think the mistake we have made was the assumption that it would appeal to all.”

a dispute over the family inheritance

The late Fred Junior had two children, Mary and Fred III. The two assumed that they would inherit after the death of their grandfather the share of Fred Junior. But Donald Trump and the rest of his siblings, his older brother Robert, and two sisters, Maryanne and Elizabeth, had other plans. Ultimately, it should be the current US President have been, to have helped his father in the Rewriting of the Testament. In doing so, he influenced the people with Alzheimer’s disease, Fred Senior, so that Mary and Fred III, inherited after his death in 1999, ultimately, hardly anything.

the two siblings, that’s why in court they moved, angry Donald Trump to the Extreme. He stopped from the Trump Clan-funded medical treatment of Fred’s son, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. “I was upset because they sued me,” he later explained his reaction. Fred III was appalled at the behaviour of his uncles and aunts, you would have deprived his son just so the coverage of treatment costs, only to put him under pressure, and in the case of the heritage small to be enclosed, he admitted to concerns before the court.

Donald Trump and his father Fred Trump with Boxing Promoter Don King in 1987 in Atlantic City.Photo: Keystone

The New York newspaper “Daily News” said Fred III, his Relatives are not warm-hearted people. They had visited his son, William, not a single Time in the hospital. “You have to be in this family resilient. My father could not.” He did not put back. Ultimately, the parties are said to have out of court agreement. Details about the division of inheritance are not known, the family guards this secret for over 20 years.

Mary Trump supported Hillary Clinton

Fred III and Mary remained silent so far. Mary, the “Daily News” said, after the probate case, only that it was the recognition of her father, finally, was the oldest son. And medical treatment for William, who was, finally, the great-grandson of the late Fred Senior. “In this family, it would not think naively that it was about the money,” Mary said about their relationship.

In her book, “Too much is never enough” is it, therefore, probably also money. Mary is not a Fan of her uncle Donald, was already evident after his election in November 2016. Mary showed up on Twitter, shocked, to multiple Tweets, they replied that it was the worst night of your life.

she had not at that time chosen, probably her uncle, but the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, as another Tweet suggests. She was stunned that Clinton lost to “the”, which Donald Trump and his campaign is meant to be.

The U.S. President still has two more nephews – his two older sisters each have a son, as the “Washington Post” shows a pedigree of the offspring of Fred Trump Sr. and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. In addition, the younger brother, Robert, has adopted the son of his wife.

Mary Trump is the only niece of the President, who himself has three sons and two daughters: Donald, Jr., Eric and Ivanka from his first marriage with Ivana Zelnickova, Tiffany from his second marriage with Marla Marples and Barron out of the marriage with the current First Lady, Melania Trump.

the election campaign for the father: The step-sisters Tiffany and Ivanka Trump appeared to 2016, together, in the campaign of Donald Trump. While Ivanka advises with her husband Jared Kushner are now the President, it became return to Tiffany quietly – in may, she has completed three years of study in a law school.Photo: Keystone

strife in the Trump family, apparently, as the youngest brother Robert should be able to manage the Trump casino and Donald accused him of, that he was losing him a fortune. Robert had chucked the charm hung, the relationship of the brothers is said to have cooled, according to the head of a casino in Atlantic City where the dispute occurred, should have.

Robert expressed but never to the incident, Donald denied the report. In the election of 2016 Robert supported his older brother, and celebrate with him the victory, and later a company, in which he had invested should have received state contracts, such as the Washington Post reported.

What says trump’s oldest sister?Donald Trump with his oldest sister Maryanne Trump Barry in the negotiation of the planned Trump Golf resort in Scotland, the homeland of her mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump.Photo: Reuters

Donald trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry was up to 2019, Federal judge at the professional court of the United States. She resigned as an investigation was launched, when it was a question of whether she had violated in connection with the tax practices of the family business against judicial rules of conduct. Maryanne should not only speak well of your brother Donald. Like her younger sister, Elizabeth grey, she has expressed but never publicly to the presidency Trumps.

In the book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Dangerous Most They” want it to go, but also to conversations that Mary had a Trump led with her aunt Maryanne Trump Barry and what she thinks of her brother. The two gave the media so far, but no further information. The book should be on 28. July 2020 appear, just 14 weeks before the US presidential elections on may 3. November. The publisher Simon & Schuster has also published “Fear: Trump in the White House” by Watergate Researcher Bob Woodward or, more recently, the unofficial Melania-Trump-biography “The kind of Her Deal.”

In the case of Amazon, the book can be ordered already. It means: “In this insightful portrait of Donald J. Trump and the poisoned family, which made him the man he is, rich throws Mary L. Trump, a trained clinical psychologist, and Donald’s only niece, a bright light on the dark history of their family, to explain how her uncle was the man who threatened the health, economic security and the social fabric of the world.”Photo: Amazon comment please Login to comment