Netflix’s Hit “White Lines” – dogs on coke and lost LeicheDie Spanish-British Netflix series “White Lines” goes in search of clues to a recent murder in the midst of drugs, Sex and spectacular parties on the island of Ibiza. And that makes it really Fun.Theresa Rauffmann0 comment Eder German Trailer to “White Lines”: In the recent Netflix Hit, a murder is being rolled out in the party scene of Ibiza, years later.Video: NetflixWer behind it?

You’ll take an island in the Mediterranean sea, electronic music, a large amount of drugs, a pinch of Sex and the just-discovered body of a young British, who disappeared twenty years ago, seemingly without a trace. These are the ingredients of the Anglo-Spanish series “White Lines”. And the power, dead or not, a lot of Fun. Since the Release in mid-may White Lines “is” in Switzerland in the Top Ten of the most-watched releases on Netflix.

The ten-part series created by Álex Pina. Netflix had been 2018 with the Spanish Director and screenwriter for a new series in order – after the Bank robbery story “Casa del Papel” had become a worldwide Hit for the streaming giant. The “Casa del Papel”-success team was in the implementation of the “White Lines” support from the producers of “The Crown” – Britain’s Royal series is also one of the most popular series on Netflix, and multi-award-winning.

“White Lines” is a wild genre mix.Photo: Netflix what’s it about?

The Story of the “White Lines” is about as found: As Axel Collins’ body on the property of a rich family of entrepreneurs on the island of Ibiza, travel to his sister Zoe from Manchester and goes to search for clues. Until recently, it was assumed that her brother was took off in the nineties, at least his former best friend Marcus, she left the faith. Zoe, twenty years earlier, still a minor, and fond of their older brother, developed after his Disappearance, a Depression and wanted to kill himself. So now she leaves her child of British life with a husband and child, to Ibiza to find out what really happened that night. The police is interested in anyway, not particularly for the case, since he is time-barred.

This Zoe is actually a brave librarian. In Ibiza, but a wild Version of themselves from the Maelstrom of drugs, Sex and parties follow suit – and eventually, with seven kilos of coke in the car to escape the police is revealed. So badly you want to know the truth about the death of her brother, that she is prepared to use violence. Laura Haddock is embodied in a credible, all of these facets of the character.

The series focuses on the Disappearance of a young British DJs in Ibiza. He is played by 27-year-old Welsh Newcomer Tom Rhys Harries (rear).Photo: NetflixWas is so good about it?

the search for the truth brings in some of the strings in the Background, does the story not detract. On the contrary, in the here and now, a new history, the simple principle is developing, that someone is trying to a-year-old murder mystery, will be expanded. And, of course, the old friends and Acquaintances of the dead also play a role. The result is a genre-mix, it is a crime, a family and a hedonism story is told with whimsical elements (dogs on coke, coke in a yellow banana boat). And with the music. Because that is the only reason Axel Collins (Tom Rhys Harries) to come to Ibiza As a DJ, he hung out with friends in Clubs, they lived “la vida loca”. Music used in the series as a torture instrument, it is possible to burst the eardrum if it is tied to several music boxes, whose volume is always cranked up.

The image is drawn in flashbacks of Axel, changes in the course of follow. He is in the beginning of the loving big brother who takes care of his sister, point to new, unexpected traits. The development of Zoe in the here and now is a wriggle: it Destroys your life, or reinventing itself? Despite all the Seriousness, the series remains entertaining.

What certainly also to the images of the dream is island. And the spectacularly staged parties.

The recent Netflix Hit is spectacularly staged.Photo: Netflix comment please Login to comment