It suggests that the theme is rather uncomfortable and awkward when a Text warns its readers, “search on Bing or anywhere else according to the terms discussed in this article, because You could make You liable to prosecution.” But this is exactly the warning that the Internet service Techcrunch to its readers, before describing it in detail, like the Microsoft search engine Bing child pornography.

a Bing, it’d be a lot of illegal content, if the user searched for child pornography keywords. This includes terms such as “Porn for Kids”, “Nude Family Kids” or “Porn CP”. CP stands for Child Pornography, and “nude” means naked.

The other would encourage Bing users to search for child pornographic content. Those who enter the term “Omegle Kids” to search for a video chat App, get the proposal, to search instead for “Omegle Kids Girls 13”. As a result of this search kinderpornog is displayed aphisches Material, reports Techcrunch.

If a user then clicks one of these criminal images, be him been further proposed. The study was conducted by the Israeli organization of Anti-Toxin, the poison against “Online” and for the protection of children from bullying and abuse sets in, as Techcrunch writes.

Microsoft promised improvements

The magazine turned with the results to Microsoft. Microsoft thanked him in a Statement for the investigation and was contrite: “These results are clearly below our Standards and measures,” said Jordi Ribas, Vice President of Microsoft responsible for Bing.

The company had acted immediately to remove the content and to prevent similar Offences in the future. A Team of engineers and programmers have fixed the Problem and work to block similar results. Anti-Toxin is, however, still illegal content find.

just before Christmas, the Financial Times had reported that there is on Whatsapp to the number of groups in which child pornography to be shared. It was surprisingly easy to find the groups where totally open to illegal content sent and requested.