Lavrov will discuss with the foreign Minister of South Sudan bilateral relations

MOSCOW, January 28. /TASS/. The head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who is in Russia on a three-day visit, the Minister of foreign Affairs and international cooperation of South Sudan, Deng About Aquil will discuss on Tuesday the development of bilateral cooperation in the sphere of economy, politics, humanitarian cooperation and security, the peace process in the country, as well as international and regional issues.

“it is Planned to discuss a wide range of issues of bilateral relations, exchange views on a number of topical international and regional problems, – is spoken in the comment of the Russian foreign Ministry issued on the eve of the talks. Be considered, and the situation in South Sudan, where it continues the process of peaceful settlement of internal conflict”.

the Russian foreign Ministry stated that between Moscow and Juba set a mutually respectful and trusting dialogue, which is based on similar positions of the parties on principles of international cooperation. Both Russia and the Sudan is committed to the formation of a democratic system of world politics and the strengthening of the role of the UN, particularly the Security Council in solving international problems.

the Practical cooperation between the parties in recent years actively developing. So, for example, indicates the participation of the President of the Republic of the Salwa Kiir to the summit Russia – Africa in Sochi at the end of October 2019. Moscow and Juba signed a number of bilateral agreements, including a Memorandum on consultations between the ministries of foreign Affairs. In addition, the forum hosted the signing of a Memorandum of understanding signed between Rosgeologia and the Ministry of mining of South Sudan. The agreement envisages cooperation in the field of exploration, the establishment of a system of management of mineral resources in the country and training South Sudanese professionals in this field.

As stated the Russian diplomats, there are good prospects dvustoronnieon interaction in construction, transport and pipeline infrastructure and in the energy sector, which has already implemented a number of joint projects. Also in 2016, signed a Memorandum of understanding between the Russian energy Ministry and the oil Ministry to South Sudan, involving working in the production of hydrocarbons and minerals. Discussion of ways of cooperation continued during the meeting of heads of Alexander Novak and Lola Gatkuoth in October 2018.

in addition, last year, was settled the problem, which, as stated in the foreign Ministry, seven years had clouded bilateral relations. In early November, the special representative of the President of Russia on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov at the meeting with the head of the South Sudanese diplomatic mission in Moscow Colom Tong Gangam stated that the Russian side is satisfied, like the government of the Republic decided the question of compensation to the airline, “Nizhnevartovskaya” and the families of the pilots killed in the crash of a Mi-8AMT helicopter shot down in South Sudan ground fire in December 2012.

security Issues

an Important theme of the meeting of Ministers should be the settlement of the internal conflict in South Sudan.

Since 2013, the African country’s civil war between supporting the President “it is national-the Sudan liberation movement” (SPLM) and the armed forces of the Republic on the one hand and the various ethno-regional groups, the most powerful of which is “people’s liberation movement Sudan in opposition” (SPLM-O), consisting mainly of defectors from the ruling movement. The main phase of the conflict ended in September 2018 with the signing of the peace agreement, but later clashes and ethnic cleansing continued. In mid-January 2020 the opposing forces agreed to form a transitional government. This process should be completed by 22 FebruaryLa.

Bogdanov have discussed with the South Sudanese Ambassador to the peaceful settlement of the civil conflict in the country, their last meeting was held in November 2019. The Russian side has consistently stressed the need for the implementation of the agreements reached between the government and the opposition, and highly appreciates the mediation efforts of the African Union in resolving the conflict.

in addition, as reported by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the parties will consider the issues of unlocking and resolving conflicts in other countries on the African continent and the fight against the global terrorist threat.