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A month after the tragedy of Talavera, the Party was still alive, despite the prophecy of the little war -“no more bulls”- after getting to know the death of Joselito. And June 18, were announced in Madrid by his brother Rafael El Gallo and Juan Belmonte , the two bullfighters on which is focused the eyes of the fans once they both decided to go ahead with that season’s black.

The Running Press of 1920 offered a poster full of encouragement. The Rooster, Belmonte, Fortune, and the confirmation of alternative Chicuelo, who saved the evening with a win in the sixth. The shoulders were taken to the seville, while between the great Rafael and John was on the ring face and the cross in the memory of the figure disappeared.

he Said Gregorio Corrochano at ABC, “The Rooster will not toreó yesterday. Not pulled out more of the tricks of the afternoons that you do not want to fight”. An attitude, which from the pages of the magazine “The Lydia” , he scolded him harshly: “there is No right to roll for these places to be trampled on by the fame that so much work took the brother, with his bad sites and major disasters”.

And on the other end, the commitment of Belmonte, “bold” and fearless in the pursuit of victory according to the chronicle abecedaria, that in “The Lydia” was explained thus: “it Is now shows us with huge desires to please . Your effort to make it shine the Party with the splendour that shone when Joseph with he shared the palms”.

it Had been barely a month the death of Joselito in Talavera, and the two men who perhaps more suffered that misfortune decided to keep wearing the suit of lights. Each one with his pain, with his grief, with his personality in tow.