In my case it is grandma’s pea soup. If I close my eyes, I have their creamy-sweet taste still in my mouth. I feel the crisp green peas on my tongue and feel how the filling is warm broth to my stomach. Soothing, mutmachend, homey, comforting, like a hug. Today, as a forty year old, I long for me in the difficult times after the pea soup my grandmother.

grandma’s dishes have something magical. No gourmet chef can keep up with grandma’s kitchen, even if it is quite simple dishes: chicken or bread soup, fried potatoes, fried eggs in the cast iron pan, or pea soup. “At grandma’s, it tastes is best, this is a statement we hear very often,” confirms Andreas bandmates reidl, an expert on generation of marketing, since the mid-nineties, in his Agency with various aspects of the age.

But why is it so? Bandmates reidl, provides for several causes in the game. A: “grandma’s food has to do with memories and emotions.” Taste and sense of smell were shaped in our Childhood. If grandma is cooking meatballs and the grandson of good taste, they are to his personal taste standards. Moreover from a biological point of view, the strongest memories come from the first third of our life.

When grandma is cooking, to the benefit of both sides

another reason that we love the food of our grandmothers: “For the children” grandma’s kitchen ” is a change of pace. It tastes different than in everyday life, with Mama, and cooking with grandma is not only an act of food intake, but an Event.“

This applies for both sides. The grannies have more time and want to only serve the Best for the grandchild; the show is about the popularity of the topic in the information portal that operates Reidls Agency: “For the grandchildren to cook gives the cook a new value. Because it’s fun again.“

For children, however, it was fascinating to be there when the grandma to cook everything fresh, so bandmates reidl. “We often hear That mom makes a package. Due to the time pressure, it seems today’s families are more likely to Convenience-access to all product.“ Working parents do not have the leisure, each meal freshly prepared. In addition, something crucial is missing to you: Knowing traditional crafts from cooking and baking. In the case of the grandparents, the look is usually different, be you grew up in a time, in the home Economics on the curriculum in the school.