in 2018, was an exception: Germany was the soccer world Cup, exceptionally, not a tournament team. This reputation was earned for the first time in a world Cup preliminary competition, former national team over many decades in good faith, in which they often in the group stage, not necessarily much better played than in the last summer against Mexico and South Korea, but it is with sorrow and distress the necessary points import for More. And then we were off always at Zero. Once again, start from scratch, was always the solution of preliminary problems.

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In basketball at the ongoing world Cup in Denmark and Germany in a different way: Had qualified in the last three editions of the world tournament of the International Handball Federation (IHF), the top four Teams of the four groups of six for a round of sixteen, where as in football, anything with a 0:0, started are returned to the handball player, now back to your classic tournament mode: this is The preliminary round is as Is or Have taken it in a second group stage. The top three Teams of groups A and B and the groups C and D form two new groups of six. The peculiarity of The results against the previous group of competitors are applied and only games against the three new “classmates” plays.

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come For the already-qualified German Team (in the case of a defeat in the last preliminary round game against Serbia and then possible a tie with Russia and Brazil would be Germany, at least the third means on the basis of 3:1 points in a direct comparison among the three Teams), the draw against France, as well as the result against the third Team remains in the evaluation, what is the secure on Thursday. Depending on the situation, Brazil has after the surprising success against Russia, the best opportunities, what would be very pleasing Against the South Americans, the DHB had won the selection with 34:21 very clearly, which in addition to the 3:1 points, is also a formidable goal difference would be a base for the fight for the semi-finals.(see also: table of the preliminary round, group A)

The world Cup-Tuesday and would have brought Germany through a draw two points. Should come after all, Russia by a surprise success in the last group game against France, or a unexpected defeat of Brazil, would be the 22:22-a tie in the standings. Germany would then stand with two draws 2:2 points and a balanced goal difference to beech.