After an Explosion in the centre of the Northern Irish city of Londonderry, the police to Point to a car bomb. The police released on Saturday evening via Twitter a photo from the crime scene in the Bishop Street, see a large fire. Subsequent images in the media show a burnt-out car. According to media reports, the police had received a telephone warning and just started the area seal off, when it came to the Explosion. The vehicle had just been stolen in Londonderry, reported BBC citing the police. The police themselves said in their Twitter Account of an “incident”.

reports on casualties were not until Saturday morning. In the street of the 85,000 inhabitants of the city, a court building is located, among other things. After the incident, the police began the evacuation of surrounding buildings, because the officials a second car seemed suspicious. The authorities made until early Saturday morning no details of the progress of the investigation.

backgrounds unclear

Whether it is political backgrounds, remained unclear. Arlene Foster, Chairman of the unionist party, DUP, condemned according to the Agency, the PA “this senseless act of terror”. Ireland’s foreign Minister Simon Coveney was also by a “terrorist car bombing”. Elisha McCallion, members of Parliament Fine in the sense that said, Londonderry is a city on the rise, “and nobody wants such an incident”.

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learn ripped During the decades of bloody conflict from the 1960s on, had car bombs, a lot of people in the death. 3500 people died. In 1998, the Northern Ireland conflict ended by the good Friday agreement. It ensures, among other things, a sharing of Power between Protestants and Catholics.

One of the biggest points of contention in the Brexit debate is the future Status of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Irish nationalists want to continue to a limit almost without controls and barriers, which guarantee a “Backstop”. Unionists are demanding the same Status as the Rest of the United Kingdom, what border would be an EU foreign.