finally, Julie Vermeire (21) last night with a very emotional dance and it is one of the highest number of points scored in the Dancing with the stars , at Four years old. They danced the rumba as a tribute to her grandparents, Anton and the Screaming, because she is always there for me.” Her mother, Eva, Parent, ex-wife of jaques Vermeire was sitting right next to them in the dining room. “I’m so proud of her. It means a lot that she’s here.”

you, Like all candidates, had to be Julie on a trip of a lifetime < / I> down memory lane want to go to, let’s say, a dance of her past life to perform. She went back to her last year of life. “It was one of the most difficult years of my life,” she said in the introductory film. “As the daughter of two famous Belgians, it was not always easy. The press was not always the nicest things about my parents. I thought to myself: “ don’t Be so hard on them. the Mom was not so happy in its own skin. As well as the boekskes have benefited from her a lot of grease on the covers.”

the image appeared in the magazines, with impressive titles such as Who is going to save Eva Pauwels? The family wants her to be obliged to record, and the Reunion with the children ends, they removed to the pitch during their group . “If you can see it on you’re sixteen, it hurts. It was my mom,” said Julie, who has a one-year-younger brother. “We had to go back to school. Everyone’s read that. I thought that was the worst part of it. Every family has to do something, but we had to be in the boekskes is to come. That is, isn’t it? Everyone is talking to What’s going on? Everyone’s looking at you, too. I wanted to cry out: Shut up, please. Leave me alone. ”.

finally, Julie went through an emotionally difficult period. “You know, I have a lot of support, talked to friends and family. Especially to my grandparents, < / I> (on mother’s side, ed.) . My grandmother and grandfather kept, always the stability of all of us as a family.”

at The emotional dance, the song, to Read all about it , by Emeli Sandé, it was much appreciated by the panel of judges. Julie collected 32 points at 40, the same number as the Final Kazaltzis. The only topfavoriete, Kelly Pfaff scored better, with 34 points. It was Julie, happy to have such an individual dance to perform for her mother and grandparents, ” she told host Kat Kerkhofs. “It is not common for them to. They really enjoyed it.” Later in the evening, she added: “I thought it was less emotional than I thought. I was shocked at myself, that I am so strong to have been held. She had it just as tough, but the reality of it was.”

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