most lesbian, gay, bi-, trans – or inter-sexual workers in Germany, or just a few colleagues to have outed a new study shows that in the Job so far. “Even if in Germany, some 85 percent of LGBT+-specify talents to their sexual orientation at work tell have done only 37 percent of them so far,” said the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in a survey on Saturday in Munich.

LGBT+ stands for lesbian, Gay, Bi – and transsexuals as well as people with sexual orientations or gender identities, can identify with these labels inadequate. For the study, the authors surveyed worldwide, about 4000 people –more than 500 of them in Germany.

In an international comparison with 19 other countries considered, Germany is with this Quote. On average, around 52 per cent of LGBT people had known in the countries of+workers on the Job to their sexual orientation or gender identity. In England, 63 per cent of the respondents stated, in order for the workplace to all employees to deal openly.

Particularly beginners have to Worry about

the results of The study were consistent with the perceptions of the lesbian and gay Federation (LSVD) have the issue, said its spokesman, René Mertens. “For many lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and especially transgendered people, it is still difficult to come out of the closet in the Job because they fear discrimination and the career break.” In the group of beginners, this fear is more pronounced.

“In the selection of a place of work in Germany, the desire for a LGBT+-friendly work environment, which also includes a clear anti-discrimination policy for LGBT+people at # 1 on the selection criteria,” said BCG consultant and study author Annika Zawadzki, the German press Agency. “It is quite easy to conclude that discrimination in the workplace for LGBT+people is an issue.”