Emergency Ski world Cup: Completely crazy, we have been fighting for his life


    The Swedish driver inside Lisa Hörnblad, Lin Ivarsson and Helena Rapaport have a German functionary at the edge of the world Cup in Garmisch-Partenkirchen saved the life of. The Trio provided crucial first aid, after the 60-Year-old had collapsed on Thursday morning in a gondola up to the Kandahar suddenly.

    “It was completely crazy, we have fought for his life, there were long minutes,” said Hörnblad the Swedish TV-channel SVT about the dramatic scenes. The man was shortly after the Start of the gondola became unconscious and fell to the ground. Hörnblad, who went with her colleagues to visit the world Cup track, seized the Initiative and launched a heart-lung Massage. “He had a heart attack, was completely lifeless,” she said.

    edited During Hörnblad tirelessly the chest of the man who held Rapaport him stable and Ivarsson, the rescue will be alerted. At the top of the mountain, the team doctor of the Austrian team have supported the Swedes, until the rescue helicopter arrived. A few hours later the redemptive message from the hospital: the man had survived. “We are very happy that it ended well,” said Hörnblad.