Drought alert: the 19 departments affected by water restrictions


19 departments are now affected by the drought alert and water restrictions have been put in place to locally fight against this phenomenon. With 72 restriction orders to date, the country is experiencing a difficult situation, which is likely to worsen with the arrival of summer.

Available on the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Propluvia information tool makes it possible to consult the drought decrees announced by the prefects. In real time, it offers the possibility of viewing water restriction levels by department. These are identified around 4 different levels:

Drought: how to deal with water restrictions?

While several heat waves are expected to reach France by next summer, climate change is now forcing us to make essential adaptations. Faced with the drought affecting France, professionals and individuals must modify their behavior and their uses to limit their water consumption. All good practices are possible on a daily basis in order to guarantee access to drinking water only for priority uses.

Decided according to the evolution of the situation, the water restrictions have a considerable impact on the work of farmers, but also on everyone’s habits. As a result, professionals must modify their irrigation techniques to continue developing their crops. For individuals, simple actions are always recommended to reduce the use of drinking water. Give priority to showers, use full washing machines, reduce outdoor watering… All these practices promote essential water savings.

To find out if your department is affected by this drought alert, consult our slideshow, which lists all the water restrictions in 19 French departments.