The first defeat against a national competitor, was for Thomas Tuchel as a shock. “This is really hard to accept,” said the visibly agitated coach of the star ensembles of the Paris Saint-Germain after the sensational 1:2 against the Breton province of club EA Guingamp. The last table of the Ligue 1 had thrown the in 17 League undefeated home play high favorites on Wednesday evening with a curious 2:1 from the French League Cup. For PSG, it is the first defeat in the national Cup after 44 Wins in the series.

The first title option is for Tuchel, his German national team player Julian Draxler and Thilo Kehrer and the Superstars Neymar and Kylian Mbappé. “We have not lost a championship game, but a great Chance of winning a trophy,” said Tuchel and missed his Superstars a swipe: “We played with too much self-confidence, we played with the hungry, to bring this game to the end.” Since the summer of 45 trained club-Year-old the French Elite, and so far, it ran almost smoothly. Tuchel will now have to explain the embarrassing defeat in the domestic Prince Park. The French newspaper “Le Monde” looks at the debacle “an initial setback” for Tuchel. “A stone in the Shoe of Thomas Tuchel, who had made so far this season everything right,” writes “Le Parisien”.

In the disappointment Tuchel was looking for a reason for the Broke to the referee. Three penalties had to get Guingamp awarded. “The circumstances were a little strange. The second was nothing. The referee looks at the pictures and whistles anyway. It is impossible to whistle a penalty“, complained about Tuchel. “Impossible,” he repeated, shaking his head.