Diaz assures that there is no beneficiary of the FATE that it has not collected


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The minister of Work and Social Economy, is Yolanda Diaz , has insured that you have already resolved and paid for all of the records of temporal regulation of employment (ERTEs) you have successfully entered in the State Employment Public Service (SEPE).

it has been pointed out during the control session the Government in the Senate after the senator of the Popular Group Jose Maria Heredia you have asked for the number of spaniards in ERTE held without charge the provision that pertains to them.

The minister has validated until the 30 of June, have been recognized and paid more than five million benefits , of which 2.8 million are benefits for the coronavirus.

in Addition, it has been recalled that have been incorporated into the labour market 1.7 million people were in ERTE and in the sixth month of the year the payroll paid amounted to 4.115 million euros, 1.392 million less.

“it Sure is happy. is The only FATE that have not been paid have been PP , because there existed-and because, if his party were not to be paid now, because they simply do not have supported you”, has apostille, the minister, after requesting the PP to stop giving data that are not certain and continue “feeding the ball”. On his side, the senator has assured that “dancing figures” has been a constant in the “chaotic” handling of the ERTEs carried out by the Government.