In the Internet are, once again, showed up millions of stolen data. Including 773 million E-Mail are just addresses and more than 21 million in clear text readable passwords. The American IT security researcher Troy Hunt, who works for technology giant Microsoft, is pushed in a hacker forum on the 87 GB data set. Information to be steels “made up of many individual data thief, and Thousands of different sources,” bundled, wrote Hunt in a blog entry.

so It is possible that including data that have already been tapped years ago. Hunt has christened the collection of data “Collection #1”, so that it was also advertised in the hacker forum. A section of the picture shows that the sides are affected, such as, or It is not so that millions of E-Mail accounts were attacked, but also data from other sites were registered deducted, where users with their E-Mail addresses and certain passwords.

According to Hunt, the records can be need particularly for the so-called “Credential Stuffing” abuse. In this method, the attacker use the combination of E-Mail and password to other services – such as Social networks or Shopping-platforms to log in. The hackers from the same long lists of Log-in data automatically with the access systems.

Check whether your own data

The collection appeared first on the Cloud platform, Mega, where, he reports, in the meantime, according to the media, again, has been deleted. On the Hunt operated side you can check whether or not the E-Mail addresses are affected by the data leak.