“Crime of the week” dream holidays to the AlbtraumIn “One-Way-Ticket to Paradise” by Joseph Incardona device, a Geneva family on an island in an ominous project.Hanspeter Eggenberger0 Comment Oppressive Atmosphere? At first glance, are not.Photo: Keystone The first sentence

The beep you announced the receipt of a new E-Mail.

The book

reached The E-Mail offer for a vacation in a exclusive luxury resort on an “island of your dreams” Iris Jensen in the right Moment. The Last-Minute offer was exactly what she needed. The view from the small Cessna to fly the Geneva family of bankers, now the remote Nomad Islands in the Indian ocean, meets the expectations.

However, after landing, start Iris, her husband Paul and two children, the questions 14-year-old Lou, and the 9-year-old Stanislas, whether you are really in Paradise. There is no Smartphone reception. The Pilot flies back to the airfield and nobody else is. After a long Wait, you will be picked up.

Everything is beautiful in the “Nomad Island Resorts”: The Bungalow with breathtaking views of the coast and the sea, the ambiance. But everything is a bit weird. The detached local staff, the mirrored sun wearing sunglasses, the shortcomings in the Service that do not fit at all with the luxurious surroundings, the new arrivals first. And then the West is a Swiss author Joseph Incardona in his novel “One-Way-Ticket to Paradise”, the Situation slowly but steadily threatening.

“The dream of a beautiful flesh-eating was the end of the Plant, it lures you, seduces you, devours you.”

the mother and the daughter feel well on the island, the father finds more and more things odd. For example, that the guests are all dressed the same, they refer to themselves as “residents” and curious about “the New” are. Also, the organization of club life irritated: men, women, and children are separated. And the son observed the night whimsical rituals. The family is apparently part of a mysterious project. The initial trepidation is soon to naked Horror.

Incardona made in the last year in the German language area with his furious highway-Noir “asphalt jungle” for the first time, a sensation. Here, he mixes a refined and harmonious elements of psychological Thriller, horror story, social satire, Science Fiction and Noir detective novel to a thrilling story. Incidentally, he ridicules the desire in a Paradise-like environment even completely turn off. And in the end he knows no mercy with the spoiled family from Switzerland. “The full moon, the sea, a beach, palm trees,” said once, “the dream was a beautiful carnivorous Plant that attracts you, seduces you, devours you.”

Who reads this novel on the journey to a “Paradise” holiday destination, to react for guarantees on any exceptional observation with a queasy feeling.

rating originality: ★★★★★voltage: ★★★★☆realism: ★★☆☆☆Humor: ★★★☆☆overall rating: ★★★★☆ The author Won in 2018, the Prix du Roman of the French-speaking Swiss: Joseph Incardona.Photo: PD

Joseph Incardona was born in 1969 in Lausanne, Switzerland, grew up in Switzerland, France and Italy, since his parents – the father is Sicilian, his mother Swiss – were in the hospitality and seasonal jobs acquisitions. Since 2002, he has published more than a dozen books. His first, published in German, was, “next Stop: the Brig”; it was awarded in 2018 and the Prix du Roman of the French-speaking Swiss.

He also plays, writes screenplays and scenarios for Comics, and was Co-Director in a Film. As the most important Inspiration Incardona called the Italian, French and Swiss culture, and American literature of the 20th century. Century, in particular, the Noir novels. The 2019 in German published novel “the asphalt jungle” (“Derrière les panneaux il y a des hommes”, 2015) has been honoured in France with the renowned, since 1948, awarded the Grand prix de littérature policière. Joseph Incardona lives and works today – after stops in Paris and Bordeaux in Geneva.

Joseph Incardona: “One-Way-Ticket to Paradise” (Original: “Aller simple pour Nomad Island”, Editions du Seuil, Paris, 2014). From the French by Lydia Dimitrov. Lenos Verlag, Basel 2020. 310 p., approximately 28 Fr.Book cover: PD comment please Login to comment