After the wreck of the giant cargo ship “MSC Zoe” continues this Friday in search of lost containers. On the island of Borkum, the first flotsam and Jetsam has been found. “It has now given the first charge, which has also been in Borkum washed up,” said the lower Saxon environment Minister, Olaf Lies (SPD) on Friday in Hanover. He expects that even more landing: “The calculations that have been made, show that the island of Borkum, Juist and Norderney could be affected – the other Islands tend not to.”

beach runner the Kurverwaltung Borkum had discovered the devices in the Morning, as the North German broadcasting (NDR) is reported. Employees of the Spa have collected the flotsam. The on the island living member of the Landtag Meta Janssen stressed-Kucz (Green): “Our biggest concern is the dangerous goods, the peroxides. We hope that the rescue chain from authorities and the shipping company works.“ It had been around 30 devices, and a few other household items washed up, confirmed the police on the island of Borkum.

“This Container has not yet been found”

The “MSC Zoe” lost in the night of Wednesday in a stormy sea on the way from Antwerp, Belgium to Bremerhaven around 270 containers, including dangerous goods. “So far, we can confirm that a maximum of three containers with dangerous goods on Board,” said a spokesman for the Central command for Maritime emergencies on Thursday. “These containers have not been found.”


On the Dutch Wadden sea Islands, Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland were according to the Dutch coast guard for more than 20 Container discovered. The Central command for Maritime emergencies warns us not to touch on the beach, found a Container, the container parts or objects. Nevertheless, 130 tons of a five mile long beach, including toys, furniture, and spare parts for cars collected alone on the island of Ameland helper according to the authorities. Perhaps the fact that in the Netherlands rinsed objects may be kept by their Finders, where it provides for special interest.Only closed containers may be opened.

On Friday should arrive according to the defense Ministry in the Hague, The soldiers, with the clean-up to support the work. The mayor of the Islands of Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog had asked for help.Beaches and coasts are littered with packaging waste and objects from the containers. A volunteer could not do it alone.Also for ship transport, large containers pose a risk. To the cause of the accident, the water protection police are investigating, in the meantime, Bremerhaven.