In the Godesberger Allee 185-189, Bonn seems to have time-relative than elsewhere. Although the building and the resident of the Federal office for security in information technology not more, let alone a long time because the speed of light, has moved. If it is different, makes the always modest BSI, the cyber attacks from the large and small, sleazy corners of the Internet to fend off and it should clear up, a big secret of it.

Axel Weidemann

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

Since last Friday morning, politicians, celebrities, IT-security experts and journalists are thinking about, is who calendar door way shot since, apparently, already since the beginning of December more or less confidential data of the Bundestag members, Youtubers, moderators and actors in lovingly compiled lists under the Twitter name of “G0d” in the “@_0rbit”.

On Friday evening as the horses and their digital masked riders were called long ago – comes to 18.46 at the hotly-anticipated E-Mail from the BSI: “just now,” went the press release online. Because it means, first of all, on 4. January 2019 had become known as “the release of hundreds of stolen records of Celebrities and politicians to a larger Public.” You have initiated “the analysis of this”. It is also not known, “sources from which these records come”. BSI-President Arne Schönbohm declared: “We see here very clearly that information security needs to be further developed.”

There have been “certain actions”

In an interview with the TV station Phoenix Schönbohm but hastens to emphasize that it had already been informed about the data theft and spoke “at a very early stage in December with the help of individual members who were affected, accordingly”. It had been given “at an early stage certain actions”. In the enlightenment, among other things, the Federal criminal police office, the Constitution, in addition to its authority for protection of the foreign intelligence service BND and the Federal police involved.

Since it has spread the responsibility to change, because one thing you have to say, to be fair: a Lot of room for “actions” is not in the BSI. Discover, inform authorities, and Concerned to warn the order. The Federal office employs a sufficiently large apparatus.

turns out: The Federal criminal police office wants to have in the night of Friday, from the data Theft. If this is true, one begins to wonder whether in the BSI maybe confidential and safe systems of work must be, that the message delivery has not yet, or again by analogy with letter, seal, and messenger take place. And before now, all the legal possibilities to demand, back hoes, you feel like you are so often compelled, to make your own gilding silent, but always “well-informed” safety in the brightest circles: Talking to each other!