Germany is supposed to end according to the will of the government-appointed coal Commission at the latest by the end of 2038, electricity generation from coal. The 28-member Committee agreed on early Saturday morning, according to consistent Reports, vote with only one vote against. In the year 2032, it should be verified whether the exit date can be brought forward in view of the situation and in agreement with the operators at the earliest in 2035.

The coal countries should get 20 years for 40 billion euros from the Federal government. In addition, it is stated in the final report to participant information, a preservation of the competitive Hambacher Forst is desirable.

In the negotiations for a long time was particularly controversial, until when and in what steps the generation of Electricity from coal in Germany. By 2022, of which three gigawatts of brown coal will now be a total of 12.5 gigawatts of power from the grid. Together, the coal-fired power plants currently have a capacity of about 45 gigawatts. Around a third of the electricity today comes from coal-fired power plants.

the private households and the economy to be relieved of the burden of rising electricity prices. The Commission considers, among other things, a grant of at least two billion euros per year are necessary, as it is now in the final report, to reduce the network charges. An additional levy or a levy for current customers.

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learn The dispute between the energy group RWE and activists around the hambach forest had headlines. A court has stopped the RWE brown coal open pit, scheduled, and authorities approved the clearing for the time being. Also places in the coal regions, such as the Rhine area and the Lausitz to soft for opencast mining.