fast electric bikes must have the approval now, among other things, a horn, appears to be by no means exaggerated. Even with the Pedelec, the Motor assists only up to 25 km/h, almost on a daily basis in situations that an ordinary Bicycle bell as not sufficient, a warning will appear.

Hans-Heinrich Pardey

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

to find A horn has, however, according to the relevant equipment requirements in a Bicycle, nothing. Nevertheless, there are to buy, and not even for a lot of money. Just under 12 Euro, about the “PU Aroom Bike Bell Bicycle Bell 120 dB Bicycle Horn” from the Chinese production cost in the Internet, if you take them in bright Pink. And in a little less eye-catching colors, the other names offered, but obviously identical Quäke for a is to have two Euro more free.

Because the machine Translation has produced a funny product description, here follows a detailed quotation of the prices on Amazon. And it was in front said: Every word is true, with a tiny, but not insignificant restriction. We read so: “120 Decibels: the High decibels-ringtones, make you more comfortable and more reliable when Driving. USB charging: Built-in 280 mAh Lithium battery that charges with a Standard Android USB, it is about a charge of 1.2 hours. Waterproof, Anti-Drop, Dustproof: All three Anti-Outdoor design, it is suitable for daily use. Please close the waterproof cover according to the Charging, to avoid rain erosion. Split Design, safe: Disconnect the Controller from the speaker, it is convenient to use, the most important thing is safe to drive. Install and Remove Quickly: The Bicycle bell can be attached to the Handlebars and only requires 2 seconds, the setting of the silicone ring with two aisles.“