It is narrated that the people of Taiwan want to see their country with the people’s Republic of China United. The has interested the government in Beijing but never. The “re-unification” is one of the of the Communist-defined “core interests”.

And they may enforce them according to its borders, with military force. The state and party chief Xi Jinping said in all clarity. The time probably works for Beijing, because who would believe that some kind of Power for freedom will pull out of Taiwan in a war with the people’s Republic? Beijing accuses Taiwan of “separatism”. Seen in clear light, is this accusation but to the people’s Republic. It is, in fact, is not so, that Taiwan is often said – since 1949, “their own way”.

The democratic island Republic is rather in continuity with that of the “Republic of China”, which was inherited by 1912 the Empire. The government of the Republic of China lost the civil war against the Communists and Taiwan withdrawn. Who are the separatists are here, so?