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The works for the restoration of the great organ of Notre-Dame de Paris began this Monday at the cathedral, q uince months after the fire that has swept across the roof of the building but without destroying the acknowledged instrument EIGHTEENTH century , whose restoration will be over three years .

The main body of the cathedral, situated under the rose window west , after the main façade, and built from 1733, are saved from the flame s, but it still suffered from the high temperatures by the fire and lead contamination, so you need a restore in depth.

is The public body that directs the works reported that this Monday will begin to remove the console keypad to go after the disassembly of each of the 8,000 pipes that make up the organ, the largest in France, with the help of a scaffold thirty feet in height which was installed during the month of July. The recovery of the tubes will be extended until the end of the year.

After, the tool will need a deep cleaning and restoration that will progresivament e between 2021 and 2024 , with the ambition of re-sound the 16 of April of the latter year, when the president Emmanuel Macron wants to reopen the cathedral.

The general Jean-Louis Georgelin, the head of the agency responsible for the works, stated in the press release that just for refine and harmonize the body will take six months .

“unlike the organ of the cathedral of Nantes, which burned in the fire of last July 18, the our is intact but dirty,” said the rector of the cathedral, Patrick Chauvet, in statements to the newspaper “Le Parisien”.

The organ to be removed will be retained in four containers waiting to take the tender to choose the specialists for your cleaning, restoration and assembly.

For its part, the organ of the choir, which was more affected by the fire, will also be removed for cleaning and will be able to take advantage of some of their 2.000 tubes to its reconstruction

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