Basler Dilemma – Due to Cabral, the FCB is in the predicament He is with the ball and in the Cup against Lausanne the match-winner. However, the Brazilian has the best cards for a new contract in Basel. Reason: massive pressure to make savings.Moritz Marthaler0 comment is Bernhard Burgeners heart bleed: Arthur Cabral, who was here with his overhead kick for 1:0 against Lausanne.Video: SRF

Swiss football clubs are in a date stress. The astonished to just anyone – with 13 rounds in six weeks. At least in the next few days, the pressure also applies to the transfer front: In two weeks, tens of contracts run out in the League. At FC Basel, it is mainly the players out on loan. Your Situation is unsatisfactory. The two Brazilians, Ramires and Arthur Cabral about are just somewhere between the place of departure in the home, and an intense summer in Switzerland.

In the case of the 22-year-old Cabral everything you need for a whereabouts speaks purely athletic: In the Cup quarter-final against Lausanne, he scored the first goal on Swiss football places since Guillaume Hoaraus Penalty to make it 3:3 in the spectacle at the end of February between St. Gallen and YB. The case back out to see he leaves later the 2:0 consequences. Young, vigorous, accurate – the claim to a Transfer of Cabral met in any case.

“In his heart”

But with the claims and the reality it is currently a thing in the FCB. After the miserable fiscal year 2019, with almost 20 million franc loss the question of whether a Takeover of Cabrals club Palmeiras is a topic of rather. “In the case of Cabral, the heart bleeds for me,” says Burgener prior to its strong performance in Lausanne, the “Sonntagsblick”. And: “we Would make the two Transfers with Zhegrova and Cabral, we could pay in August for the last Time the wages.”

The people who take care of me, forward a little more to me.

Basel match-winner Cabral

the 21-year-old winger Edon Zhegrova is borrowed from the Belgian Club Genk. At his state-of-the FCB in front of the same Dilemma: From the sporty qualities, one is absolutely convinced, for a Transfer but one can hardly afford. The contract built-in option to purchase has drawn in his case, ever, further negotiations are underway.

For the amazement of the match made the winner, and returned with statements after the game. The question of whether the club responsible had already talked to him, he denied it. “The people who take care of me, guide very little to me.”

Cabral would be the cost of the FCB in accordance with the contract in the case of an Acquisition of 4.5 million Swiss francs, with compatriot Ramires due to injury so far with 27 minutes for the first team – should it be 6 million Swiss francs. Both too much for the FCB. In the case of Zhegrova and Cabral, President of Burgener has not given up hope. “Our desire would be to oblige both of them. I hope we can find a solution with the owners of clubs.”

The clock is ticking, as of today, there are still 14 days until the date. All the same, he Should not be still sure of it, can Burgener in two weeks, Cabral in four games. It appointment stress finally in the Super League.

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