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Zidane is concentrated in the locker room to win the League in the marathon three days to play in seven days. Your ability to dismiss matters pernicious and to get the template to yield the maximum level in the fight for the title is proverbial, almost of encyclopedia. It is very difficult to tame so many egos of footballers international exploding flamingos because they do not play as they observe how kids progress like rockets, I removed the site and leave them on the bench or even outside of a call.

James is a dilemma as old as unpleasant that the colombian has resolved to meet with Zidane and tell him that if it is not important prefer not to travel. And not travelling. Yesterday was his birthday and he was able to celebrate it without problem, because today will not be on the plane journey from Granada. The big problem that suffers Zinedine, and supports the club, because suffer from it and support it all in the entity, is Gareth Bale. You will not see a semblance of solution. James has had a personality and has taken a step forward, after three years of misunderstandings that led to his transfer to Bayern.

But Bale did not intend to give none. That “deja vu”, everything gives me the same, it is very harmful for him and for his career. The club that pays him act with prudence so as not to affect the locker room.

Zidane works to win the title, despite the wear and tear that the situation causes in the locker room and in the own coach, you see that the welsh plan to stay until 2022 and you do not care to enter the line-ups

we Can say it very clear: to win a League with these two problems within, two players who are leaders in the selections of Wales and Colombia, has a lot of merit. James has been removed of in the middle of character. Bale, on the contrary, is in the center of everything that happens outside of the lawn.

The mask, and your “show”

The Real Madrid is working very focused on conquering the thirty-fourth League and in the hours beyond the lawn, analyzes the situation between the parties. The question the entity real madrid is: What should you do Zidane with Bale?

The club believes that the coach who advances to overcome the numbers of Miguel Muñoz and become the best technical the history of Real Madrid do not have anything easy, because the case Bale is a matter anchored and toxic that lingers from three years ago. The company does not augur an easy solution in sight. And the crux of the question is to know who of the two, Zidane and Bale, it’s going to explode before. Doesn’t have to happen now, or to celebrate the title, it can happen the next season, when the situation will repeat for the umpteenth time. It is not known. Because Bale has made it clear that they intend to honor their contract, which ends in 2022, and Zidane sees that the player will not go and will have to aguantarle two more years. Too much dullness.

Is a lot of time because what it hurts most at Real Madrid and upset to Zidane and his companions is that Bale has shown that he doesn’t play than not play. And that is the worst thing, which is unacceptable for the madridismo. And for the house.

Should you stop recall him? Is the internal inquiry that will make the club and zinedine Zidane. The colombian James has decided he will not travel to the not to be seen as an important player

But the company pays you don’t want to start a battle that only will feed the noise to the public and will not do anything. It is a priority to inner tranquility, which has led to the template on the top with eight victories and only two goals against, one of the best historical moments of performance from a team that has existed for 118 years. But the questions that Zidane and the club are made are sensible and answered internally with one or two chances very well argued.

The first question that every white is: Should Zidane continue convocándole?

A response is “not “, apply the same rule to live James. But then, we prefer to finish the League in these terms not to open a controversial media that may affect the concentration of the team.

The second question intimate that it makes the entity is: how Should the club pay them the contract and go? is do Or should not do anything and to extend this situation in spite of the wear and tear supposed to Zinedine and for the costumes? Because this is another reality. The coach suffers and the clothing wears out also to have at hand a companion that does not add up and that all gives like, the antithesis of the ambition that defines Real Madrid. It is not beautiful.

The analysis inside is that desire is not missing to pay everything and it will go away, especially by your behavior. But you must react with calm. is Jonathan Barnett, gripped Bale, said that possibility some months ago. This whole atmosphere is permeated by an attitude of welsh, which may not be sanctioned, as it meets its obligations. Trains.

Yes, you could be punished for their behaviors, which annoy you a lot precisely because its sports attitude is nothing uplifting. It would not be example for kids of the quarry, rather it would be the example of what not to do if you want to get to be a footballer But it is worth punishing you for “lack of decorum”? Its nonsense in the tier with the mask and their positions in the match against Alavés had nothing of grace, especially if you come of the player that least pays. The entity has not entered in to that bull. It is a legal ground as matizable and ambiguous that is, more noise than anything else.

When the season ends, hope that with another League in the past, the entity will see what it does. is All know what Zidane want. Neither the press question by Bale. Yesterday there was not a question, after the show of the mask. He is considered “a hopeless case, a bon vivant”.