For the home of their own drives cold-weather energy costs. At the ice rink in the Bad Homburg Kurpark help minus degrees, however, save. In any case, this promises to be the upgrade of the plant with Sensors that measure air temperature and humidity, to control the cooling accordingly. “So the temperature can be regulated more effectively,” says Spa Director Holger Reuter. Much cheaper the season, however, was not so far, because the ice had mostly mild temperatures and rain from. Now the weather seems to be a little more on the time of year and a blanket of Snow on the trees and the icing on the cake would be meadows for the already attractive hotel complex in a sense.

Bernhard Biener

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the high Taunus district.

F. A. Z.

it is good that the ice rink is also open all next week including Sunday, if the Hessian of school, children still have the Christmas holiday. Especially since the weather also has an influence on the crowds and the revenue. Responsible for the Foundation of the Historical Spa gardens, the ice rink is now. “It was also good to rebuild,” says Reuter. It was in the case of such complex systems course. In ten years you would have paid for itself, over this period of time should be at the end thanks to the sponsors a black Zero. The Kur – und Kongress GmbH take only the advertising, pay but otherwise no subsidy.

controversial innovations at the Christmas market

The ice rink next to the casino in the Kurpark and is now an integral part of the “Bad Homburger Christmas town” belongs to the addition to the barn in front of the Kurhaus is the Christmas market at the castle, the bears because of the historical setting, the adjective “romantic”. Behind the beautiful glow sober work, which had previously done the action community of Bad Homburg, traders and self-employed. She was recently given a grant demand of 90,000 euros to be financially overwhelmed, which is why since last year, the city takes care of the Christmas market.