Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, has rejected the espionage allegations against his company as baseless. The largest power plant equipment manufacturer and third largest Smartphone manufacturer in the world was “never a request from a government to provide illegal information” – quoted by the Shenzhen the “Financial Times” Ren from an Interview with journalists in the southern Chinese city. “I love my country, I support the Communist party, but I will never do anything to hurt any country in the world.”

Huawei confirmed the statements of Ren. The former military officer who founded the company in 1987, and a company holds a share of around one percent, occurs only rarely in Public.

made headlines recently in addition to the spying allegations by the Western intelligence services, especially the arrest of Ren’s daughter Meng Wanzhou in Canada, which is now on bail to walk free. He miss you “very strong,” said Ren.

“You can’t work with each together”

The case has worsened relations between Beijing and Ottawa. This Tuesday, the Chinese foreign Ministry described the actions as “abuse of legal process”. On Monday, a canadian was convicted of drug smuggling in China to the death.

Western maintain the secret services under the leadership of the United States, accusing Huawei and the smaller provider, ZTE, Connections to the government in Beijing. You suspect, their equipment or mobile phones could be used spies to get to the heads of state or commercial secrets.