Curious, but also somewhat puzzled by some of the EU partners of the United Kingdom, look at what proposals the British side would like to find a way out of the cul-de-SAC of the Brexit talks.

Michael Stabenow

Political correspondent for the European Union, Nato and the Benelux countries.

F. A. Z.

From London was there on Thursday some evidence that the access to the EU could be close to fail, as it seeks the government so far, and it is in the middle of November, negotiated exit contract was written. Were dampened hopes, however, by the Statements of British politicians, not least the conservative party Chairman Brandon Lewis. He told the BBC, Considerations, Britain not only in a common free trade zone, but leave it in a customs Union with 27 EU partners, were the aim of the government is contrary to the commercial policy Autonomous agreements with other States.

Currently, an agreement on a customs Union, it still seems the most likely Option for a friendly Brexit solution. In contrast to the in the exit contract provided that time is not exactly limited catch-all solution (“Backstop”) for Northern Ireland the risk of re-introduction of border controls between Northern Ireland and the EU-banned member, Ireland would be in the case of the maintenance of the customs Union.