On January 17, 2023, many celebrities met at the 26th edition of the Alpe d’Huez Festival. On the occasion of the photocall for the premiere of the film La plus belle pour aller danser, singer and actor Philippe Katerine posed alongside director Victoria Bedos.

More discreet than her big brother Nicolas Bedos, she is no less talented. At 37, the daughter of Guy Bedos and Joëlle Bercot, has a great career behind her.

La Famille Bélier, a French film with 7 million admissions, may ring a bell. Such a project would not have been possible without Victoria Bedos who co-signed the screenplay for this film with Stanislas Carré de Malberg. In 2015, she even won the César for Best Original Screenplay for the latter. “This film is a metaphor for my life. I sang to send messages to my parents. It was supposed to be a very small film, I wrote it in my studio. It’s incredible!”, she declared at the microphone of Europe 1.

In 2015, Victoria Bedos became a new screenwriter for the feature film Vicky, but also an actress. In the latter, she plays Victoire Bonhomme alongside big names in cinema such as Chantal Lauby and François Berléand. The year 2018 is devoted to two other films: Normandie nue in which she co-signed the screenplay with Philippe Le Guay and Olivier Dazat then Christ(off) where we find her as an actress.

In an interview with Paris Match on the occasion of the release of her new feature film, Victoria Bedos had mentioned her adolescence, “the worst of ages”, she had explained. The star could not find “her place as a young woman”, she who had a “school precocity” which made her “skip a class”.

“I was not in the norm when I dreamed of blending in with the crowd, of being like everyone else. At 13, I even received an anonymous letter signed “from the 4°2 and 4°4″ which said that they did not love me and that I was ugly. I kept this letter. It still hurts me today”, she had declared.

A tormented adolescence which did not, however, prevent her from excelling professionally.